The Ladies

The Ladies

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mom took me to the vet today.  I was supposed to get xrays to check the status of my arthritis but the doc convinced mom my teeth cleaning was more important.  I had lots of blood work, a little landscaping down below, nails trimmed and mom asked the doc to look at a cyst on my tail.  Have to wait for the results.  I'm not as lucky as Lady II with mine just being fluid.  All I know is mom said she can never eat hamburger helper again after the doc described what came out of it.  He says regardless of what it comes back he is going to cut it out while I am sleeping from my teeth cleaning in 2 weeks.
We got my sister back today too.  She is under the Christmas tree right now.  Mom is happy because she has both of us home again.
If I don't get back on before the New Year - Merry Colliedays to all!


  1. Mom will have her computer back this weekend so I will be able to go to all the pages of my new friends. I can't wait to read your blogs too.