The Ladies

The Ladies

Monday, August 30, 2010

Introducing Lady II

I thought Lady I would never get done.  She is such a diva!  I am Lady (Lady II).  I too adopted my human in the Keys except from Stand Up For Animals (SOFA), Marathon FL.  My human doesn't know my real age and I am not telling so I let her believe I am 10 years old to.  I didn't come from a good place.  My first set of humans really sucked.  They left me tied to a tree and moved away.  I got this skin fungus during that time that caused me to lose all my fur and itch real bad.  I was told I would never grow fur again but with some tender love and care from my new human I grew it all back.  I am sort of a bully, I like to push other dogs around, or should I say I use to like that.  I pushed the limit one day at the dog park when I tried to fight 2 great danes, you can guess what happened - yup I got the snot beat out of me.  I am a little nicer now.  I love car rides, going to the dog park, being pet, and being babied by my human.  I love little kids who come near me with food in the hands, yes I will take candy from a baby!  My favorite dog treats - Everything, and my favorite human food - ALL of it!  I will even eat your vegetables!

Introducing Lady I

My human is taking too long building our blog so I am going to jump in and introduce myself.  I am Lady (Lady I).  I adopted my human from the SPCA in Key West FL.  My first family was great except they traveled alot and decided I deserved something more stable.  I am 10 years old and I now live in GA.  After leaving Key West FL, I moved to Panama City FL while my human served her country overseas for a year.  I have an annoying sister, also named Lady (Lady II) who eats my food and steals my treats.  My human is awesome because she yells at her and she replaces what my sister takes.  I love, LOVE car rides, dog parks, long walks and other humans (especially the ones that pet me).  My favorite dog treat is Frosty Paws, and my favorite human food is cheese.  I also love going to the beauty salon aka Pet Smart to get my hair and nails done. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New begginings

Since our buddies, Deacon and Essex, have a blogspot we convinced mom to start one for us.  She is still in the beginning phase so please bare with her until we have her trained properly.  You know, it's hard to teach an old human new tricks!