The Ladies

The Ladies

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lady update

Lady is getting around better today.  She is still drinking water like she has not had it in years and she does need help standing at times but I am happy that she is not falling over right now. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Not Doing Well

Hey guys, it's me Lady. I am not doing so good these days and I wanted to jump on before I can't anymore. I'm not in much pain, put I don't have the strength to get around anymore. I can barely get enough strength to get up and move. Mom has been great helping me get up on my feet but I don't get to far without my legs coming out from under me. Lady II had this problem towards the end. It's not easy getting older and I trust in my humans they will do what is best for me and them. Gracie has been so sweet. She has been by my side most of the days. She doesn't leave my side when I try to get up until I do. She is going to miss me soon. I have come to love her and she has a lot of learning to do still. Mom helped me get outside and sit under a tree yesterday (before the storms). I got a huge bowl of ice water to my self and just let the heat work some magic on these bones. It helped enough for me to get a comfortable position to sleep in for the afternoon. Mom says she will keep all updated on me because I may not be able to get on again. I just wanted to tell all my friends out there that I miss running and playing at the park but I will be back with Lady II soon.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Grandma Makes Me Sick

Grandma keeps making me sick by feeding me can food.  I LOVE the can food but my belly.

Mom had to yell at Grandma because when I reeeeeeally want the can food I put on a good act.  I don't touch my dry food until Grandma feels sorry for me and comes with the can.  It works every time (wink and grin)!

Mom told me to tell you "Happy to say no more piles in the house", what ever that means.  She knows she liked picking it up because after she does she would yell at Grandma (she does that a lot) and baby me.  So when I think about it, this is a special bonding time for the two of them.  She will thank me later!!


P.S.  Hi Sherman, mom showed me more pictures of you and all I have to say is "how you doin'"