The Ladies

The Ladies

Friday, August 16, 2013

Grandma Makes Me Sick

Grandma keeps making me sick by feeding me can food.  I LOVE the can food but my belly.

Mom had to yell at Grandma because when I reeeeeeally want the can food I put on a good act.  I don't touch my dry food until Grandma feels sorry for me and comes with the can.  It works every time (wink and grin)!

Mom told me to tell you "Happy to say no more piles in the house", what ever that means.  She knows she liked picking it up because after she does she would yell at Grandma (she does that a lot) and baby me.  So when I think about it, this is a special bonding time for the two of them.  She will thank me later!!


P.S.  Hi Sherman, mom showed me more pictures of you and all I have to say is "how you doin'"

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  1. We are doing well in the Keys, though Essex is slowing down.

    Essex & Sherman