The Ladies

The Ladies

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mom took me to the vet today.  I was supposed to get xrays to check the status of my arthritis but the doc convinced mom my teeth cleaning was more important.  I had lots of blood work, a little landscaping down below, nails trimmed and mom asked the doc to look at a cyst on my tail.  Have to wait for the results.  I'm not as lucky as Lady II with mine just being fluid.  All I know is mom said she can never eat hamburger helper again after the doc described what came out of it.  He says regardless of what it comes back he is going to cut it out while I am sleeping from my teeth cleaning in 2 weeks.
We got my sister back today too.  She is under the Christmas tree right now.  Mom is happy because she has both of us home again.
If I don't get back on before the New Year - Merry Colliedays to all!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Last Day with my sister

Mom was downloading pictures from her camera and showed me these.  I wanted to share with all of you the last night my sister and I sepnt together.  It's funny because we are sitting opposite and mom always said we were day and night, good and bad, ying and yang.  I guess this is the proof :)  At least we both looked at the same time and then turned away at the same time, and that was unplanned!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Collie Thanks

Mom told me that Lady II was now with Deacon and I was confused because the last time I was in Key West I didn't see Deacon.  She reminded me about our conversation when Deacon crossed the the Rainbow Bridge and I realized my sister was never coming home.

Mom still breaks down, but I help her out by playing "Hurt Paw", she loves that game.  It's where I act like my paw is hurt, she rubs and ask me if I have another hurt paw so I give her the other one.  She can play that game all day but after a while I get tired of it. 

Mom asked if it would be all right to look for another rescue collie.  I told her I don't mind but asked her if we could wait a couple of months because we have a full house.  Mom recently rescued a 6-8 month old kitten who was very pregnant and 3 hours after getting her home she had 6 little babies.  Mom says we have to give her lots of love because she dumped in a friend's neighborhood where someone had been shooting her with a BB gun, a grown man at that.  I already had "the talk" with her, that these 7 kittens are not staying.  The kittens will be ready for homes the week of Christmas (hint hint).  

Anywoof I just wanted to jump on and say thank you for all the kind words you shared with my mom.  She really needed the support.  God bless you all and Happy Colliedays!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lady II crossed the Rainbow Bridge

It saddens me to share that that I lost one of the collies this evening.  Lady II put on a good fight for the past year but but fell quickly this week.  I tried to hang on to her until Christmas but God was calling her home for Christmas.  She is now with her pal Deacon, being introduced to all her doggie siblings.

I adopted her from the Keys in 2007 at the age of 7 or 8 years old.  She had a skin fungus that covered her entire body and I was told she would never grow fur again.  Her story was she was left tied to a tree and her owners moved and left her.  From the lack of socialization skills, and her fear of loud noises, the vet said she was tied to the tree her entire life.  To most people, she was unadoptable but to me she was a beautiful collie wondering what she did wrong.  That same day she became a Jaeger!  In less than a year and thousands of dollars at the groomers she got all of her fur back and finally looked like a happy collie.

In the 5 1/2 years as a Jaeger she lived in Key West, Panama City and Valdosta Ga.  She has met so many great people who have helped her learn and grow along the way and to that I say thank you! 

My dear Lady, I will miss you forever but I know you are pain free now.  Rest in peace sweet baby girl and watch over your sister as we protect her and try our best to make her as comfortable as possible with her arthritis.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dog Walks and Paw Talks

It is so hot here!  I tried to join the Dog walks and Paw Talks gang Saturday evening at VSU but I got tired fast.  Mom knew it was too much on me so she let me wait at the starting point for all my friends to return.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Psycho Cat

The other night our humans and us were asleep and heard a loud thump and what sounded like a cat fight outside.  Our mom goes out to the living room and our feline siblings were all freaked out.  Mom went to the window and there was this crazy orange tom cat trying to bust through the glass door to get to our brother Saposta.  The same thing has happened the next 2 nights.  This cat has twice come into our backyard and beat up our brother, if we were out we would have punced him.  Saposta was fine but shaken up.  Mom set the cat trap this evening and that wacked out kitty bypassed the trap and again tried to bust through the glass door.  As soon as he is caught, mom says he is going straight to the shelter.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Laser Treatment

We had a total of 3 treatments.  Lady I is not seeing any difference but I see a little.  We go back next week for another 3 rounds.  Best part is our human mom is happy because it is free.  If it doesn't help Lady I out mommy would have lost nothing for trying

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Medical Treatment

Mom finally got off the computer long enough to let us on.  It has been forever since we got to post on our own blog. 

We are finally doing better with all of our medical issues.  Lady II recovered from her stroke  and I recovered from that aweful haircut grandma tried to give me.  Thankfully mom took me to the groomers to get it fixed.

We finally got to go to the dog park last weekend and we met a little Sheltie Luna, she is only 8 months old.  She hung out with us like she was our baby or something.

Today mom took us for a new treatment on our hips.  My hips have been so painful that mom keeps me doped up the majority of the time.  It was some laser treatment, I am not sure about it yet, but we do have to go back Thursday for another round.  Mom is happy because it is all free.  Our doctor has some company there fo 2 weeks trying to sell them the equipment and they wanted to test it on us.  It's not to bad.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

RIP - "Big Daddy"

Mom and grandma had to take our big head feline friend to the shelter to get some long sleep in.  He is a stray that fathered all the damn kittens they kept bringing into the house - in fact we still have 2 of his kittens if anyone want them :)

He didn't look this pretty this morning.  It was real sad to see him all cut up and looking beat down.  He must have met another tom cat that was stronger than him.

We hope Big Daddy is pain free and happy rolling in the endless supply of cat nip now.