The Ladies

The Ladies

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Collie Thanks

Mom told me that Lady II was now with Deacon and I was confused because the last time I was in Key West I didn't see Deacon.  She reminded me about our conversation when Deacon crossed the the Rainbow Bridge and I realized my sister was never coming home.

Mom still breaks down, but I help her out by playing "Hurt Paw", she loves that game.  It's where I act like my paw is hurt, she rubs and ask me if I have another hurt paw so I give her the other one.  She can play that game all day but after a while I get tired of it. 

Mom asked if it would be all right to look for another rescue collie.  I told her I don't mind but asked her if we could wait a couple of months because we have a full house.  Mom recently rescued a 6-8 month old kitten who was very pregnant and 3 hours after getting her home she had 6 little babies.  Mom says we have to give her lots of love because she dumped in a friend's neighborhood where someone had been shooting her with a BB gun, a grown man at that.  I already had "the talk" with her, that these 7 kittens are not staying.  The kittens will be ready for homes the week of Christmas (hint hint).  

Anywoof I just wanted to jump on and say thank you for all the kind words you shared with my mom.  She really needed the support.  God bless you all and Happy Colliedays!


  1. Lady I, good job keeping your Mom busy. We know how hard this can be on the hoomans.

    Essex & Sherman

  2. Next time I see you Sherman, I will teach you the game of "Hurt Paw"