The Ladies

The Ladies

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Medical Treatment

Mom finally got off the computer long enough to let us on.  It has been forever since we got to post on our own blog. 

We are finally doing better with all of our medical issues.  Lady II recovered from her stroke  and I recovered from that aweful haircut grandma tried to give me.  Thankfully mom took me to the groomers to get it fixed.

We finally got to go to the dog park last weekend and we met a little Sheltie Luna, she is only 8 months old.  She hung out with us like she was our baby or something.

Today mom took us for a new treatment on our hips.  My hips have been so painful that mom keeps me doped up the majority of the time.  It was some laser treatment, I am not sure about it yet, but we do have to go back Thursday for another round.  Mom is happy because it is all free.  Our doctor has some company there fo 2 weeks trying to sell them the equipment and they wanted to test it on us.  It's not to bad.

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