The Ladies

The Ladies

Monday, August 30, 2010

Introducing Lady II

I thought Lady I would never get done.  She is such a diva!  I am Lady (Lady II).  I too adopted my human in the Keys except from Stand Up For Animals (SOFA), Marathon FL.  My human doesn't know my real age and I am not telling so I let her believe I am 10 years old to.  I didn't come from a good place.  My first set of humans really sucked.  They left me tied to a tree and moved away.  I got this skin fungus during that time that caused me to lose all my fur and itch real bad.  I was told I would never grow fur again but with some tender love and care from my new human I grew it all back.  I am sort of a bully, I like to push other dogs around, or should I say I use to like that.  I pushed the limit one day at the dog park when I tried to fight 2 great danes, you can guess what happened - yup I got the snot beat out of me.  I am a little nicer now.  I love car rides, going to the dog park, being pet, and being babied by my human.  I love little kids who come near me with food in the hands, yes I will take candy from a baby!  My favorite dog treats - Everything, and my favorite human food - ALL of it!  I will even eat your vegetables!

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