The Ladies

The Ladies

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Best start to a new year!

Mom has been trying to figure out how to load pictures but she is having trouble so I will give you the update. 

So far 2013 is turning out GREAT!

All Kittens have been adopted and I over heard mom telling grandma that rescue work with cats/kittens are on hold until further notice, something about needing to spend more time with all of us and something about finances.  Mom is retiring from the Air Force this year and wants to pay down some bills instead of putting that money towards cats.  Heck, I could have built a dog mansion with the money she pumped into those critters.  She has a big heart and that is why I am patient with her!

The other day mom get a letter from Auburn University Veternary department, she curiously opened it up and she read it to me.  My vet sent a small donation to them in Lady II's name.  Mom is going to frame the letter and also send a couple of pictures back to the university so they can meet Lady II.

Lastly, mom picked up on my signals that I am ready for a brother or sister.  We completed an application with ColliesFloridaRescue.  Paws crossed.  I told mom, no one younger than 5 and to be fair to her I said no older than 8 years old.

Love all of you, Take care and can't wait to see if I am getting a brother or sister!

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