The Ladies

The Ladies

Friday, February 21, 2014

Puppy Training at age 5

Despite the loss of Lady, I went to my first training class at PetSmart yesterday.  I really wasn't up to it but mom was excited to get my training going and it was scheduled before Lady left us.  I was the only adult in the class and all I have to say is, I know I was never that obnoxious at that age.  I mostly laid there until it was my turn to demonstrate "sit" and "watch me".  That first class was mostly for mom, considering I already knew how to sit and watch.  My teacher is taking a special interest in me because of my history of being abused and used as a puppy mill dog.  She is going to help me over come my fear and trust issues.  I will get mom to take some pictures at the next class.  I have to go and help mom learn more about sitting and watching, we have to practice it 5 times a day until my next class on Thursday.

Thanks again for all the words, prayers and support you have shown my mom and I.  Mom is handling the loss better than me but I am handling it better than my Grandma Grace.  She needs more time.

Love you all and Sherman - my mom had better get me down to see you soon or she is going to "watch me".


  1. Sometimes the normal day to day stuff, like training classes, can help you deal with grief and loss.

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Good luck at teaching your Mom to sit and watch.

    Look forward to seeing you sometime soon.