The Ladies

The Ladies

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prayers with the Houston Collie Rescue

Its been a while since we posted anything and we will soon, but mom wanted us to share a blessing and prayer to the Houston Collie Rescue. 

   For those who have not been following, what was to be a rescue of 35 collies turned out to be 67, then 93 and up to 120 once all puppies were born.  All from one property! The Houston Collie Rescue and many angel volunteers have been working round the clock in caring for these collies. 
   Today was a victory for the collies an the HCR, the judge awarded them all the collies and cuffs were slapped on their hoarder. 
   As she was being cuffed she fessed up that there were even more collies.  When she learned she was losing all of her dogs she hid some on property of family members.  Thankfully she spoke up and another 19 collies were rescued along with 6 cats.
   Tonight we say a prayer for 139 collies and the many volunteers watching over them.  We pray they have a speedy recovery to healthy, happy collies and find furever families.

Mom says she has already been in cotact with the HCR to foster any age and/or adopt one or two senior collies.  All though we are complete here as a family, paws are crossed that we can help some seniors live out the restof their lives surrounded by love.


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  1. Another collie blog! I hope you start posting again! We need more collie blogs in the world!