The Ladies

The Ladies

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Panama City with mom

Mom and I came down to Panama City Friday afternoon to have a mini vacation as a celebration for mom retiring from the Air Force.  I went to the bay today and was a little freaked out.  It was my first time walking on a a path of boards and seeing huge floating things in the water.  Mom kept assuring me it was safe to walk on the boards which she called a board walk and that the huge floating things were called fishing boats.  She said I had better get use to seeing those things because I am going to Key west with her on her next trip down.

Mom and Grandma are worried about Lady too.  The vet told mom that lady has lost to much weight and muscle mass in her hind legs.  I have to stop eating her food now.  Lady is on a rice, ground beef and gravy diet now and I am still stuck eating dog food.  That's ok because they can't keep me from her food all the time :0

Anyway, here is a picture for you Deacon, hope you like it.


  1. Bowsers, Sherman thinks Gracie looks pawsome. However, shouldn't that be playdog?

    1. Sorry Sherman, I told mom I had the wrong name. I heard Deacon was your brother that you never got to meet. Mom must still think about Deacon a lot. Tell your human I am sorry for the name mix up but he knows how "special" mom is :)