The Ladies

The Ladies

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Little Sister For Me!

Mom did it.  She went this morning for a car ride with gramma and came back home with a little sister for me.  There was a lot of commotion between mom and gramma because they were told she was a 3 year old boy and they got the surprise when giving her a bath that she wasn't.
Mom quickly called my friend's, Sherman and Essex' Dad, Joe, because she was worried that maybe my new sister was the missing "Dixie" but mom went to the site Joe had and she didn't match the pictures.
Turns out the dog dad really didn't know because the dog belonged to the ex wife.  She wasn't giving her the attention she deserved so he rescued her and due to his work schedule re-homed her.

Meet my sister, Lassie.  I know, I know but we didn't name her.  Mom is trying to give her a fitting name.  Right now she is leaning towards Carmella.  I have to teach her how to log onto the blog so maybe in another week, until then I will work on showing her how we do things here...Eat, sleep, walk, pee/poop, sleep, eat, sleep...

1 comment:

  1. That sure looks like a collie face. We are amazed about the mistaken gender.

    Lassie is a good name, then of course Carmella sounds good to.

    Hope she gets better.

    Essex & Sherman