The Ladies

The Ladies

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tough Week

Well it was a ruff week for both of us. 
Sunday mom took Lady II to the fur salon and while she may have had a stroke, well, what our doctor thinks could have been one.  I was sooo scared for her and so were our pesky cat siblings.  Lady II looked and acted really drunk, she couldn't walk, sit, stand or anything but fall over.  Mom watched over her all night and took her straight to the vet the next morning.  She is doing better but recovering.  It took her a bit to be able to walk again.  She still falls over when going up or down a step or hill. 

To make matters worst - look at what grandma did to me
For some reason the blind old lady thought I needed to be shaved down.  She got half way through before mom got home and stopped her.  Mom took me straight to the fur salon and they did their best to make me look pretty - not showing the final look until I get some fur on my butt.  My letter to Santa Paws - I asked to keep mom on the nice list and put grandma on the naughty list :)

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  1. Oh my dog. Keep Grandma away from the eggnog next time. Hide it, pee in it, whatever. It's December, you don't need to be shaved down.

    The ticks are in the yard. Dad's plan, get a tick collar for us to wear at home, pull weeds, then spray the yard to kill the little $%^&*$.

    Essex & Sherman