The Ladies

The Ladies

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Friend Jetta

we just found out that one of our friends we met in Key West almost died last night.  She live in TX now with her man and 2 kids.  She was not acting like herself and hiding, so her human mom took her to the emergency vet.  She was anemic due to fleas. Which for some reason have been EXTREMELY BAD this year all over (we know first hand). She had to get a blood transfusion. Because her red blood cell level is suppose to be 33-55 and she was at 10. The vet was shocked she was doing as well as she was for being that low.   Her human mom and human sister are still upset and need your prayers for a speedy recovery.  The picture of Jetta is when she delivered her babies in our bathroom back in Key West.  The little brown one thought I was her momma and kept following me around.  Love Lady I

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  1. Jetta is in our thought and prayers. Fleas seem normal down here this year.

    Essex & Dog Dad