The Ladies

The Ladies

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dog Park Drama

So last night our friend Say jumped up on some guy to see why he was carrying his dog into the park (along with other dogs).  Anyway, the guy didn't listen to our humans and took his dog to the other part of the park.  Then that cat butt licker came back in and called Say aggressive and told Say's human that if Say would have bit him he would have shot him, yes he had a gun on him.  He works somewhere in law enforcement.  Say's mom volunteers with the Humane Society so words were exchanged and oh boy - that butt munch almost met some aggressive dog moms after that threat.  We are thinking Say needs to enter a protection program now that there is a hit out on him.  Lady II says she is more aggressive than Say and the next time she see's that guy she is going to bite him - she is so silly 

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