The Ladies

The Ladies

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prayers with the Houston Collie Rescue

Its been a while since we posted anything and we will soon, but mom wanted us to share a blessing and prayer to the Houston Collie Rescue. 

   For those who have not been following, what was to be a rescue of 35 collies turned out to be 67, then 93 and up to 120 once all puppies were born.  All from one property! The Houston Collie Rescue and many angel volunteers have been working round the clock in caring for these collies. 
   Today was a victory for the collies an the HCR, the judge awarded them all the collies and cuffs were slapped on their hoarder. 
   As she was being cuffed she fessed up that there were even more collies.  When she learned she was losing all of her dogs she hid some on property of family members.  Thankfully she spoke up and another 19 collies were rescued along with 6 cats.
   Tonight we say a prayer for 139 collies and the many volunteers watching over them.  We pray they have a speedy recovery to healthy, happy collies and find furever families.

Mom says she has already been in cotact with the HCR to foster any age and/or adopt one or two senior collies.  All though we are complete here as a family, paws are crossed that we can help some seniors live out the restof their lives surrounded by love.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lad called back home 10 Jun

Hi all, its been a while since we have been on line.  Mom hasn't been up to getting on the blog and I have been begging her to let me on and share some sad news about a collie we never met.  His name is Lad and he was from Kentucky.  If you haven't heard of him, please visit the Arrow Fund website to learn about the pawsome work they do and how they saved Lad. 

He was ruffly 8 months old and his owner shot him 3 times in his face.  The good people of Arrow Fund got him to the pet hospital right away.  He lost his lower jaw and was sent to USC to see about getting a new one.  After beating a bone infection, it looked like he was going to get a new jaw but the Lord called him home to have his original and healed one.

The day he passed, mom cried a lot and hugged Gracie and I so tightly.  She tells us every night that she loves us, hugs us and kisses us.  She told us that Lad was saved only knowing abuse but went back to heaven knowing love.

Mom says we are going to Kentucky for his abusers trial, 25 Aug.  She says she wants to have as many collies and their humans there as possible to show the the people to support and love Lad had.  Personally, I cant wait to sniff all the collie butts (hehehe).

Anyway, here are a few pictures in memory of Lad.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Guy in Town

Bark to all, I am the new Jaeger.  I came to my final home with the name Prince Charming.  My new mom said I needed a better name and boy did she pick a long name.  I am now Prince Loki of Oak Hammock.  That's right, that entire name is mine.  Thankfully mom says my short name is Loki.  Mom kept Prince for 2 reasons, one to honor my first human who named me and kept me safe for 3 months and the second is because a prince leads his people and I have already started showing Gracie how to be a collie.  Loki comes from the Marvel Comics and Mythology.  Loki in the Marvel comics is a shape shifter.  Mom says I am a magician, dancer, high jumper, clown and a teacher.  In mythology Loki is the God of Mischief and I have only began getting into things.

So a little about me.  I am just a year old.  Since I don't know my actual birthday and mom doesn't either, she has decided my birthday is the day I came home - 5 May.  Don't tell Gracie but she is doing the same with Gracie, so Gracie's birthday will be in Feb for now on.  Back to me, I love to jump on people to give proper greetings.  I love to get on the counter and steal any and all food that is left on the counter.  I enjoy looking out the window and barking at everything and everyone that goes by.  Mom says I remind her of another collie Essex, who is in heaven.  I like to run in my new back yard and have been searching hard for ways to escape out.  I love to run! 

I love my new mom, she is pawsome.  So nice, she let me pee on everything when I first entered the house but she only let me do it once though.  She is also so caring and giving.  She has already taken me to the vet and I checked out healthy and got my vaccinations.  She also mentioned that there is a special appointment coming up called neutering.  Neutering, that word sounds like fun, I cant wait for my neuter appointment.

The only thing I don't like is there are these 2 cats that are always trying to get me.  The big one has already got me once but mom says its because he is an old man.  This cat is huge too, he is the size of a poodle.  Gracie told me he is something called a Maine Coon, what ever that means.  There is the neighbors cat that comes over and he likes to rub all over me so I know not all cats are buttheads.

I attached my name announcement picture that mom made for our facebook friends.  several of them had a hand in picking Loki.  I can't wait to carry on the tradition of Lady I and Lady II with the blog.  I hear both the Ladies were very special to mom and now Gracie and I are special for her.  Until we chat again, Bark Bark!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday to Me

Today is my 5th Birthday, or so my human thinks.  That is OK with me because I got a yummy cupcake and the best birthday gift a girl could ask for...a brother!  Mom will announce his name tomorrow to all but for now he came to us today with the name Prince...remember, even Prince changed his name so we are changing his too.  I will let him blog tomorrow because tonight it is all about me because ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

In Loving Memory

The other day, while looking at her computer, I saw mommy in tears.  I went to her to see if I could help, looked at the screen and it was a portrait of my best friend and her sister.  A fellow collie lover mom knows through a FB group made this for her.

The PAWSOME man is Fiorenzo Finocchiaro in Italy.  Molte Grazie!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Puppy Training at age 5

Despite the loss of Lady, I went to my first training class at PetSmart yesterday.  I really wasn't up to it but mom was excited to get my training going and it was scheduled before Lady left us.  I was the only adult in the class and all I have to say is, I know I was never that obnoxious at that age.  I mostly laid there until it was my turn to demonstrate "sit" and "watch me".  That first class was mostly for mom, considering I already knew how to sit and watch.  My teacher is taking a special interest in me because of my history of being abused and used as a puppy mill dog.  She is going to help me over come my fear and trust issues.  I will get mom to take some pictures at the next class.  I have to go and help mom learn more about sitting and watching, we have to practice it 5 times a day until my next class on Thursday.

Thanks again for all the words, prayers and support you have shown my mom and I.  Mom is handling the loss better than me but I am handling it better than my Grandma Grace.  She needs more time.

Love you all and Sherman - my mom had better get me down to see you soon or she is going to "watch me".

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Collie got her wings

It is with extreme sadness that I share the news of Lady's passing this evening.  I asked her to hold on yesterday so that we could have her 14th Birthday Party and she did.  She joins her sister, Lady II, and her Key West buds, Deacon and Essex.

Gracie is a little confused as to why everyone was crying and where Lady is.